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  • Ben Needham What we know so far

    This is a short video that we made. Let me know your views on this unique case.


    A Photo Gallery

    Here are some photographs relevant to my Professional life. Ben Needham a photo taken by Ben’s family on Kos Island. One of my own photos of Lord Lucan’s former home. This was the front cover of my book ‘Lord Lucan Africa a new beginning.’  

  • Lady Lucan always believed her husband LIVED after the murder.

    This is a very interesting short TV news interview I found. Lady Lucan confirmed to me in an email,  her husband lived after the murder, and that he could not return now because he is dead. Eleven years I communicated with Veronica (Lady Lucan) some fascinating unpublished emails were exchanged between us during that time.

  • The Lost Boy documentary

    This is a full length documentary, (transmission copy), which was broadcast on UK television some years ago.

  • IMG_3108 Kaiser Newt group

    My Kaiser Newt Project

    Kaiser’s spotted newt (Neurergus kaiseri Schmidt, 1952), also known as the Luristan newt, is a species of very colourful salamander. They are endemic to the southern Zagros Mountains in Iran where they inhabit just four streams. Populations of this newt have been declining and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has rated it as “vulnerable”. […]