The Metropolitan Police have recently (April 2019) applied to The Home Office for yet more public funding in this case.

Madeleine disappeared 12 years ago. To date the British public have donated almost 12 million pounds in the search.

I believe the time has now come for a High Court Judge to consider a request for a Judicial Review. A Judicial Review will seek to ask if it is appropriate for any further PUBLIC funds to be given to the search for Madeleine.

I have instructed a Bristol based solicitor but I need to raise £2,500 for them to commence legal action. If you would like to see a Judge consider a request for a Judicial Review, please support me by pledging a small sum as little as £10. See the following link to support me. We have limited time to raise this small amount of money. The clock is ticking. Please SHARE this post to anyone you think is interested in this case, Thank you.