Mark Evans of Valley Vets Cardiff, based in Gabalfa, worked for the Vale of Glamorgan Council. It was his evidence which caused me, to eventually change my pleas to guilty, in the case pursued against me in 2009. My change of plea, was done on the advice of my former Llantwit Major solicitor.

Now this YouTube video posses the question, did Mark Evans lie in the evidence he gave against me? The statement Mark Evans gave against me in 2011 to the High Court, was never challenged as there was never a Court hearing to do so. The case I attempted to bring against Mark Evans in the High court, was dismissed, as it was ruled Mark Evans owed me ‘no duty of care’ and that he was working for the Vale of Glamorgan council. His duty of care was to the Vale Council.

Had the opportunity been given to me, the question to Mark Evans would have been, if it was his professional opinion, that when he turned up at my home, on the 4th July 2008, that he honestly found an animal in ‘chronic pain and discomfort,’ why nine hours later had he not treated with any pain relief or any medication at all?

I have made repeated attempts to the RCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, asking them to examine the statement Mark Evans gave against me, and they have flatly refused to. Why?

New documents now revealed in this YouTube video, supported by a statement from an Independent vet, now reveal a more sinister aspect to the case prosecuted against me.