At the present time, as far as I am aware, there is no actual evidence, to confirm that Ben Needham, is alive or dead.

In 2003 with the consent of Ben’s Mother, Kerry, I set up the very first website featuring Ben’s case. I was very surprised that until I volunteered to help, there was no website up about Ben. It became routine that people would send me many emails and photographs and reported possible sightings, of a person who they believed could be missing Ben Needham. Many of these could be instantly discounted, but one or two stood out.

A lot has happened in recent years, but recently I have been reviewing material sent to me over the years. One of the most significant photographs, is the one featured here. It has never been published before. A copy of this photograph was handed to Kos Police when I again met with them in September 2020. I think it is a very interesting photograph, which has a great resemblance with jaw bone structure, shape of head, styling of hair – when compared with artists impressions created in recent years.

Another reason for my interest in this photograph is the location where it was taken – Turkey. As I stood in the tiny harbour of Kos, looking across the water you can clearly see the white houses, on the coast of Turkey.

What do you think? Do you think this could be Ben?