1. My new informant (September 2020) tells me that Dino was not present when Ben disappeared.
  2. If Dino was responsible, why having just accidentally killed Ben, (and such a person would be in an absolute state of shock) would that person then walk up to the Farmhouse gate, and remove Ben’s toy cars from the ground? Such a move is not only not comprehendible, but the family say they were sitting the other side of the Farmhouse gate in the kitchen eating their lunch.
  3. If Dino was responsible, he would have been the one to have removed Ben’s wet shorts, which were hanging on a tree branch, again directly outside the Farmhouse gate.
  4. According to South Yorkshire Police, the JCB Dino was operating on the day Ben was last seen, was sold by Dino eighteen years after the disappearance. Why would Dino keep hold of this JCB for so long if it would implicate him in Ben’s death?

The distance we are talking about, to get a prospective on this, Dino would have been twelve feet away from family members, sitting inside the Farmhouse. All that separated Dino and family members, was an open door.