Ben Needham Announcement – 30th October 2020.

As a Private Investigator who has worked voluntarily on this case since 2003, I have recently returned from a further visit to Greece. Whilst there an informant, unexpectedly gave me interesting information. If verified this would alter the whole direction of this case.

South Yorkshire Police concluded in 2016, it was their professional opinion, that Ben Needham most likely died in an accident, with a mechanical JCB digger, which was operating in the area on the day Ben went missing. Although the driver of the digger, Konstantinos ‘Dino’ Barkas was working near the Farmhouse in Iraklise, where Ben was left to play, the informant has told me, that Dino was actually away from the property, around lunchtime, when it is said Ben disappeared. It was only when he returned to the Farmhouse after lunch, to recommence work, that he became aware that Ben had gone missing. This could be the most significant development in this case to date, if this information checks out.